A play of hopes and fears


Gnolls get preggers?

The passages that led away from the Cavern of Pillars were dark and most led deeper in the lair. The came to a room with many doors, holding a large spiked pit in the middle of the floor. The pit had the appearance of being well used, permanently stained dozens of shades of red and black, recking of death.

they headed north through a door into a long narrow passage that opened up into a diamond shaped room housing tables and chairs where several gnolls feasted. Enraged by the interruption by the intruders the gnolls attacked the adventures unleashing arrows as they came pouring into the room.

However the ugly brutes proved to match for the powerful heroes and slay them all save one who ran for cover, seeing the battle would not go his way. He tried to push through part of a crumbling wall but a spell froze him in his tracks, allowing the others to move in for the kill.

Curious, the adventures decided to explore the broken wall and discovered a crude passage lay beyond the ruins. The walls were natural and rocky leaving barely enough space for two people to walk abreast.

Within the dank cavern they found the remains of a battle, with armor and weapens lying about long dead skeletons. Among the worthless items they found a finely crafted intact leather jerkin. On the inside the makers surname had been burned into the leather- Crovelaft.

Moving forward the side passage led to a leaky fountain room which they found two gnolls within. One was Sargna a pregnant female and Dagnayr the apparent father. After learning what they could they decided to attack poor Dagnayr and incapacitate him and the Sargna, tying them up with some of their rope, leaving them for a later time.

After some exploring they found the Gnoll latrine, smelling as fresh as ever. Also, in a nearby room they heard murmuring. Inside they found a half-elf theif, bound and gagged, sitting atop a stone slab surround by some murky stagnant water. Duke Hellington being as bold as he is brash waded in easily and was immediately overcome with Cackle Fever. He decided not to press on further. They sent the halfling to try and reach the half elf. However, while trying to climb along the wall she slipped on a loose stone and also found herself in the disease water, catching cackle fever. At last they were able to reach and untie the half elf, learning that he was captured by the dastardly Sargna and Dagnayr not long before. He opted to join the party seeing as they were probably his best bet for surviving the dungeon.



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